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Cutaway: This collar takes your shirt to the extreme. The collar tips cut extreme and almost point backwards. The opening between the collar tips provides room for a wider tie and a bigger knot.

Club: A classic look with rounded tips and standard spread. It features a sloping curve in place of an angular point.

Snap Tab: The tab collar features a snap or button tab that, when fastened, lifts and frames the tie knot. This collar must be worn with a neck tie.

Straight: This collar works for all face type, and is one of the most popular collars. If you wish to round out a nice business shirt, this is the collar to go for.

Button Down Class: This collar has buttons that keep the collar ends down. If you are looking for a classic collar that stays in place or has hidden ends when wearing it combined with a sweater or jacket, button down is the best choice. This collar works great on a more casual shirt because of its softer padding, and is often considered the least formal collar. It is important though to have the collar ends buttoned.

Spread: The spread between the collar points is wider than usual to give a wide angle. The spread comes in medium and wide spread variations. The horizontality of the collar balances against the naturally accentuated vertical lines of the face.



Small: This single button cuff has rounded edges, and is said to be the original cuff. It fits perfectly to all casual shirts and can be combined nicely with a contrast fabric.

Angled: This single button cuff has a beveled cut and fits perfectly to your everyday shirt. Add a contrast fabric to spice up your business shirt as well.

Straight: This cuff is cut straight and also the most versatile model. It fits well to both casual as well as formal shirts

Napolitan: A mixture between the buttoned cuff and the French cuff. Endow a flap, it has the appearance of a French cuff but has a button closure system. It may have a rounded, square or bisected appearance.

French Cuff (Square): The French or double cuff is an extra long cuff that is folded backwards and held together by a pair of stylish cuff links. It is the perfect cuff for more formal shirts.

French Cuff (Round): A cuff with a rounded edge made for the use of a pair of stylish cuff links. This is the perfect cuff for all white tie and black tie shirts.