When London’s wealthy flocked to Savile Row, a street inLondon’s Mayfair district world-famous for its bespoke tailors, a distinctly British suit style was born.

An English cut suit is a highly structured and tailored garment. Because it originated in the practices of true bespoke tailoring, traditional British suiting has a far more ‘fitted’ look than the mass-produced styles that became emblematic of American style. Higher armholes made for closer-fitting sleeves. More elaborate, and expensive, construction lent the British suit a tapered waist. Lightly padded-shoulders, probably borrowed from highly-stylized military uniforms. And side vents garnered from a rich equestrian history that, by the time American suiting had solidified into a ‘style,’ was out-moded.

The garment is definitely better suited for on heavier fabrics such as tweeds, heavy woolen blazers and suit fabrics which are generally on the greater GSM side. You can also see it single, or double breasted, with usually two vents. The suit is best paired with high waisted pants with single or double pleats.

Summed up in one word, the English suit is elegant. It is a true gentleman’s cut.